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New Home Loans - Buying a new home is one of the biggest investments a person will make in his or her lifetime. Because your new home purchase is probably the most expensive one you will make, the new home loan itself is an important financial decision.

The prospect of owning a new home is exciting, but it can also be a time of anxiety. This is a time when emotions must be kept in check, and one should make an informed financial decision. Our aim is to help you understand, from start to finish. From your first contact until your final approval of your new home loan, everyone at Mortgage Plus Bond Originators is dedicated to saving you money and getting you the best home loan options in South Africa. Fast, effective, without any sweat from your side.

By making the process a simple and uncomplicated as possible, AND BY SUBSIDISING SOME OF YOUR COSTS, we guarantee your total satisfaction.

When purchasing a new property, there are normally two major costs involved, namely transfer and registration costs. This is where our Home Loan Experts plays a major cost saving role to the buyer. In addition to our professional and expert advice we at Mortgage Plus Bond Originators will give you a cash back bonus plus 30 % off the attorney conveyancing fee (when using our preferred attorney).

If you are thinking about a new property purchase it helps to understand the New Home Loan process and mortgage options available to you which ultimately saves you money.

STEP 1: House hunting
STEP 2: Sign offer to purchase.
STEP 3: Seller accepts offer.
STEP 4: Contact Mortgage Plus Bond Originators.
STEP 5: Financial Institution will confirm requirements.
STEP 6: Property Valuation done by bank.
STEP 7: Decision taken by bank.
STEP 8: Final approval. (Letter of Grant)
STEP 9: Registration attorney instructed to attend to the registration.
STEP 10: Customer to sign documents at 2 sets of attorneys.
STEP 11: Home loan registered in buyers name at Deeds Office.
STEP 12: First monthly instalment due within 30 days of registration date
STEP 13: Get your CASH BACK BONUS from Mortgage Plus.
STEP 14: Title deed & sent from attorney to Bank for safekeeping.

Let our extensive experience work for YOU.
Let us do all this for you FREE OF CHARGE!

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