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Mortgage Bond → Top advice from our Mortgage bond consultants!


It is simple – we know home loans.

We are a multi award winning South African bond origination company. Our expert advisers can help you compare home loans from all the different banks and lenders, ensuring you find the right loan for your situation. We will manage the entire home loan process from loan application to approval.

We Keep it Simple.

Personal mortgage advice when you need it, Our highly trained Personal Mortgage Advisers can help you find the right home loan, whether you’re buying your first home, refinancing home loans, upgrading or investing.

We will be there every step of the way!

Step one – Your home loan appointment
The first step towards getting into a place you can call your own is the home loan appointment. Here you will find out all of the loan options available and decide on the one that is most suitable for you. You will then fill out the application material with the assistance of your adviser. Now is the time to ask as many questions as possible to get a clear idea of what is to come.

Step two – Your home loan application
Here is the time to gather all of your supporting materials for your application. Your adviser will then professionally package it and send it to your chosen lender often electronically. The lender will then perform credit checks, perhaps arrange a valuation of your property and organise mortgage insurance.

Step three – Home loan approval
Your lender should now be in a position to approve your application, your adviser will inform you of the outcome immediately. This is the time to organise building insurance as you will need it for the settlement.

Step four – Home loan offer
Your lender will send you a loan offer for you to sign and return. The offer is a contract and outlines the terms and conditions of the loan, including interest rate, term and range of possible fees. Now is the time you may wish to contact your adviser to ensure you know exactly what you are signing and what to expect for the term of your mortgage.

Step five – Mortgage documents
This is the time your lender will send you or your conveyancer your mortgage documents to be signed and returned. These documents include the lenders standard terms and conditions as well as the legal document giving the lender security over the property. Now is the time to ask any lingering questions about the agreement.

Step six – Home loan settlement
The big day. Your lender will liaise with your conveyancer to arrange for settlement to take place. The home loan will be drawn down and the property will transfer into your ownership.

Now is the time to celebrate!

Complete the short form, and one of our experienced consultants will contact you to answer all your questions and give you sound advice on your options.

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