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Minimum Mortgage Requirements for South African Mortgages


Getting a loan to buy a home no longer requires you to go to every bank for the best deal. Today bond originators, also known as mortgage brokers, help with getting loans. Not only are their services free, with the originator being paid by the bank, but they will come to your home with an application for loan form.

Trying to get a loan by yourself will just end with frustration, what with having to first do all the loan comparisons yourself and then attending to that complex paperwork.

Familiar with the banking industry, a bond originator will assess your individual needs, realizing that each of their clients will require the mortgage bond loan that works for them. The other easy alternative is to apply on-line for a loan.

Because of their deep familiarity with the banks, they know exactly what packages each bank is offering their clients. They know for instance, about special rates being offered to those with a high net worth, and they keep up to date with these special offerings so that they can advise their clients on all the different options.

Below you will find some information on financing options for your property purchase in South African purchase.

Required Documentation for a Mortgage Application .

• Bond (mortgage) application forms .
• Copies of ID Document (passport in the case of non-residents)
• Proof of income
• Bank statements for 3-6 months
• Offer to purchase
• Other appropriate documents (e.g. rental agreement)
• Current financial statements if you operate a business (the bank might also call for the preceding 2 years finance)

Available mortgages through Mortgage Plus Bond Originators

• A Variable Rate Mortgage is most familiar to property buyers and is one in which the interest rate fluctuates. Taking out this type of mortgage is advantageous when the buyer feels that interest rates will go down rather than up.

• Fixed Rate Mortgages are also available, in which the interest rate remains steady for an agreed term. This type of mortgage is often more expensive, but beneficial in a market where interest rates look as if they are going up.

Complete the short form, and one of our experienced consultants will contact you to answer all your questions and give you sound advice on your options.

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