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Home Loan Terminology

Access Bond You can draw money ( up to a predetermined amount ) from this type of home loan.
Administration Fee This fee is charged by the lending bank to cover the initial costs of processing a home loan application.
Agreement of Sale Contract stating the terms and conditions under which the property is sold
Assessment This is the bank’s assessed value of the property. It will usually be done prior to the final approval of your home loan.
Assessment Fee Cost of the administration work that accompanies an assessment.
Bona Fide Means ” in good faith”
Home Loan / Bond Costs Fees payable to the registering attorney which includes conveyancer’s fees, stamp duty and VAT.
Home Loan / Bond Registration Fee payable for the registration of a home loan in the new property owner’s name.
Home Loan / Bond Term Original term over which the home loan was taken.
Broker / Estate Agent Person or persons who bring buyers and sellers together and negotiate contracts for them.
Building Loan This type of home loan is usually issued to a buyer of vacant land for the purpose of building on the land.
Capped Home Loan Interest Rate Limits the amount the interest rate on an adjustable rate home loan can change over the life time of the home loan.
Collateral Assets that are required as security for your home loan.
Contract of Sale This is the agreement between seller and buyer covering the price, terms and conditions of the sale.
Conveyance Document used to effect a transfer.
Credit Profile A report detailing the credit history of a prospective borrower that’s used to help determine borrower creditworthiness before a home loan application will be approved.
Deed This is a legal document by which title of a property is transferred from one owner to another.
Default Term use to denote failure to make payments on a home loan.
Equity The amount by which the value of the bonded property exceeds the outstanding amount on the home loan.
Finance Charge Interest charge on a home loan
Fixed Home Loan Rate The interest rate on a home loan is fixed for an agreed period of time and will not change for that period even if the variable home loan rates rise or fall.
Foreclosure Legal process by which a bonded property may be sold to pay off a home loan that is in default.
Freehold Ownership of the property as well as the land on which the property is built on
Grace Period of Home Loan Amount of time after the due date of the home loan payment in which a payment may be made without a late penalty fee being applied.
Home Loan Application A statement of personal and financial information required by the bank when you apply for a home loan
Home Loan Plus Costs Allows borrower to lend more than 100% of the property value to cover the registration and transfer costs.
Interest Fee paid for borrowing money usually calculated as a percentage of the remaining balance of the amount borrowed.
Interest Rate on Home Loan Annual rate of interest charged on a home loan.
Lender Bank, Mortgage Company, or Mortgage Broker offering the home loan.
Mortgage Broker Individual or company that arranges home financing for borrowers.
Mortgage Agreement with the bank stating that the bank will lend you a certain amount of money in the form of a home loan that will be paid back over a period at a certain interest rate.
Offer to Purchase Offer in writing from the buyer to the seller which becomes a legal contract once it is signed by all the parties.
Pre-Approval Lenders firm commitment on a home loan.
Prequalification Process of determining the amount of home loan you are eligible for.
Purchase Agreement Contract stating the terms and agreement under which the property will be sold.
Refinancing Process of paying off one home loan with the proceeds of a new home loan on the same property.
Second Mortgage Additional mortgage placed on a property that has rights that are subordinate to the first mortgage.
Term of Home Loan Period between the beginning of the home loan and the date the entire balance of the home loan is due.
Title Deed This document gives evidence ownership of a property.
Underwriting Process of determining the risks involved in a particular home loan and establishing suitable terms and conditions for the home loan.