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Home loans for first time buyers

Buying your first home is exciting and a little scary at the same time. Not only are you faced with the challenge of finding the right property to become your first home, but you also need to know you're getting the right first home loan.

As a first homebuyer through Mortgage Plus Bond Originators, you would not have to climb a steep learning curve or spend hours seeking the best interest rates or other information regarding First Time Buyers Home Loan products. We already have this information at hand from a wide range of Financial Institutions.

At Mortgage Plus Bond Originators we will introduce you to the most cost effective - and easiest to use - home loan for your individual situation. In addition, you can rest assured that any Home Loan product we recommend to you will have the backing of the largest banks in South Africa.

Staying focused

When you visit a property that looks interesting, it's easy to get overwhelmed with excitement at the prospect of buying your first home. Sometimes, it can be difficult to remain objective.

To help you stay focused, we have listed a few checkpoints below.

First Time Home buyers checklist

· Get your bearings and find out where the sun falls on the house and at what times of day.
· Check cupboards and wardrobes for the smell of damp or mildew.
· Check the state of floorboards, doors and windows - are they in good and original condition?
· Take note of cupboard and wardrobe space - many older homes dont have built in storage.
· Run the taps and showers to see what the water pressure is like.
· Is the area you're considering buying in improving in value - is there anything that may affect it in future?
· Take time to walk or drive around the neighbourhood. Are there shops and services (e.g. post office, banks, etc.) nearby?
· Where are the nearest bus stop and taxi stand?
· What is the traffic like - are you on a main road that could get busy at peak times or be dangerous for children and pets?
· Is there parking on the street? Although your car may be accommodated you will also need some space for visiting friends and family.

How much can you borrow?

The amount you can borrow to buy your home will depend on factors such as:

· The value of the home
· Your ability to repay
· Your deposit

To get an idea of how much you could potentially borrow for a home and what the repayments might be, use our Home Loan Calculators above. There is a calculator to help you decide

· How much you can borrow
· How much the repayment will be
· How much you need to earn for a loan amount

Different banks have different home loan lending criteria and at Mortgage Plus Bond Originators we know how to assess the best option for your situation. Our service is free and will cost you no more than if you went directly to a bank.

Complete the short form, and one of our experienced consultants will contact you to answer all your questions and give you sound advice on your options.

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