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A bond switch may be undertaken to reduce interest costs (by mortgage refinancing at a lower rate), to pay off other debts, to reduce one's periodic payment obligations (sometimes by taking a longer-term loan), to reduce risk (such as by mortgage refinancing from a variable-rate to a fixed-rate loan), and/or to liquidate some or all of the equity that has accumulated in real property during the tenure of ownership.

Bond refinancing can lower the monthly payments owed on the loan either by changing the mortgage loan to a lower interest rate, or by extending the period of the mortgage loan, so as to spread the re-payment out over a long period of time. The money saved can be used to pay down the principal of the mortgage loan, thus further reducing payments.

When you want to switch your Home Loan, Bond or Mortgage, the first thing to do is to cancel your existing bond, You will have to give your current bank at least 90 days notice to avoid penalties, and registering a new mortgage bond at the desired bank. For the switching bank to consider your Home Loan Switch application you will need a clear credit record and your existing bond payments must be up to date.

Switch your home loan to maximise your benefits

Contrary to popular belief, it is remarkably simple and cost effective to switch and save on your existing home loan. So if you are not entirely happy with your current bank or home loan deal, the interest rate perhaps, a lack of financial options, or poor service, it is time to speak to a Mortgage Plus Bond Expert.

Through our financial partners Mortgage Plus Bond Originators can offer you home loan financing which changes as your needs change, that gives you access to the equity in your mortgage, reduces your risk, minimises your instalments and eases your cash flow.

Interested? Speak to one of our specialist home loan consultants.

Why use Mortgage Plus Bond Originators?

Better Choices
We analyse hundreds of different mortgage loan products from major banks or specialised lenders in South Africa. By comparison and thorough analysis we are able to provide you with better choices, ensuring you get the best possible mortgage bond finance in South Africa.

Unique Attention
We recognise that no two customers are the same, so we take the time to assess your individual needs and help you find the best mortgage bond loan that works for you.

We take out the hassle and stress of finding a suitable mortgage bond loan that fits your individual needs. By making use of just one application form, we can apply to multiple lenders on your behalf. Let us do all the hard work for you.

Lowest Interest Rates
You will be pleasantly surprised at prime less interest rates we can negotiate on behalf of our clients. We are commited in finding our clients the best rates in the current mortgage bond market in South Africa.

Expert Advice
Our bond originators are fully qualified professionals in South Africa. We provide expert advice and guidance to all our clients, as well as fast, fexable and innovative solutions in property finance. We uphold a high standard of ethics, integrity and professional conduct.

Fast Delivery Time
Our existing relationships with lenders, allows us to deliver quicker bond loan processing times.

Bond Finance (Product Variety)
Whether you are a first time property buyer, an investor, need refinancing or need debt consolidation, we can find the best mortgage bond to suit your needs.

Complete the short form, and one of our experienced consultants will contact you to answer all your questions and give you sound advice on your options.

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